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Employee Competency Mapping 

Competency mapping has been proven to increase employee

retention, productivity, and engagement. Better utilized, more engaged employees can significantly improve business performance.
Now you can get the benefits of competency mapping without

having to do the tedious work it required so far.


Maximize Your Tech Talent

People are your most important asset.

Glean helps you maximize their potential, retain them, and present them with the right opportunities for development.

Our automatic competency mapping solution provides unparalleled visibility into who knows what, who does what, and who's skilled at what in your organization.

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Our technology delivers smarter, better, faster results



Glean automatically maps employee competencies based on data from

company operational

and collaboration systems.
No manual work required.


Competencies are determined using objective, comparable benchmarks, based on actual evidence rather than biased self-reporting.


Mapping is done across systems employees are using as part

of their work, and

is in high resolution.


Competency map and catalogue are continuously updated as employees develop, and as new competencies emerge.

Make Data-enabled Decisions

Your talent is too important to make educated guesses. With Glean, you have the relevant data to assist you in making people-related decisions. From internal hiring and workforce planning, through learning & development and gap analysis, to succession planning and expert locator - an organization that has visibility into its talent and can utilize it better, is much more likely to succeed.


Empower Your Talent

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